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Fall Concert 2018

The Family Folk Chorale celebrates
Indigo Girls!

Sunday, November 11th

Arlington Town Hall
730 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA

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Tickets $15 (child/senior $12)

Box office opens one hour before concert

Alternative rock pioneer band R.E.M. and folk-rock duo Indigo Girls both emerged out of Georgia's music scene to dominate the airwaves in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Crossing generations of music fans, this iconic music combined with all ages singing along makes for a dynamic program and energizing afternoon!

indigo girlsThe Indigo Girls and R.E.M. share common roots and collaborations, yet their complementary musical styles and presentations combine to form a dynamic, richly contoured program.  The Indigo Girls offer powerful sincerity with “Galileo” and “Closer to Fine” and an enduring call to social action, as with “Pendulum Swinger”, “Let it Be Me”, and “Hammer and a Nail”.   The R.E.M. selections emphasize many of the fun, upbeat singable favorites like “Stand” and “Shiny Happy People”, the high energy “R.E.M.End of the World”, along with well known classics that resonate like “Fall on Me”, and “Night Swimming”.  With a prolific 25 years of REM and almost 30 years of Indigo Girls’ writing and performing, the concert program promises a rousing sing along celebration crossing generations of music fans. As with every FFC concert, this familiar repertoire will take on new meaning and a wholly unique twist as heard through the FFC’s multi-generational perspectives and skillfully crafted arrangements sung by earnest yet practiced voices, accompanied by professional band.

Artistic Director Chris Eastburn savors his time choosing and arranging the songs, “Both REM and the Indigo Girls music offer so many opportunities for counterpoint and harmonies, giving me license as an arranger to express that with 60 voices in rich overlapping lines and as many as 4 parts happening at once.”  Eastburn’s programming delves into and honors the evolution of both groups over time. Reflecting on REM, “From their debut in 1983 till their final album in 2011, R.E.M. frequently rediscovered and challenged themselves as writers and artists to evolve and change their style and content. For example, Michael Stipe’s vocals and songwriting, especially in the early days, was much more about sonic combinations of words and less about sincerity in lyrics...but as he penned the deeply emotive “Everybody Hurts”, Stipe had to grow and change as he was struck that so many people were deeply touched and supported by those sincere lyrics.” Audience members of all ages get to experience the artistry of this well-crafted, high contour program at the same time as they are pulled into singing along on the familiar melodies and refrains.  

Family Folk Chorale is the Boston area’s premier intergenerational chorus, led by award-winning Artistic Director Chris Eastburn and backed by some of Boston’s most versatile musicians, including Gary Backstrom on guitars; Jonah Backstrom on drums; Paul Hatem on guitar; and Quinn Eastburn on fiddle and keyboard.  

Family Folk Chorale concerts are described by audience members as a musical "experience” or “happening” that hails to a time when live music was part of the daily fabric of home and community. These concerts are perfect for people of all ages – we provide lyrics, opportunities to sing and dance along, refreshments, and a floor seating area up front for young children.

Indigo GirlsR.E.M.

The historic Arlington Town Hall is easily accessible by MBTA bus #77 from Harvard Square, or you’ll find plenty of free, on-street and public lot parking on Sundays. Walk to dinner after the concert at one of Arlington Center's eateries and cafes.