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The FFC has always maintained a limit on the size of our performing group, for various reasons including rehearsal and Photo of Audienceperformance venue constraints, so openings arise infrequently and tend to be for one family or a couple of individuals at a time. In making membership decisions as an intergenerational chorus, we take into account artistic considerations, such as what type of voices (e.g., soprano or bass) or instruments the group needs at any given time, as well as demographic considerations such as age and diversity, and organizational needs, etc.

We do not hold auditions of any kind.

Annually, we will send a newsletter to the Friends of FFC with a request for you to renew and update your Friends of FFC membership, including your family members’ interest in joining as singers. The newsletter will include information about upcoming events and opportunities for the coming year - including likely openings for singing - as well as organizational needs. Click Here to join our Friends and specify your Membership interests.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Family Folk Chorale!